Weight Intervention Service

The Tier 3 Weight Management service is delivered across Norfolk and Waveney using a blended model which incorporates face-to-face appointments with various professionals including GP’s, a dietician, an ANP, physical activity trainer and a health care assistant. 

Weight Management patient facing clinics are provided across the Norfolk and Waveney area, ensuring that each patient has a local “hub” where patients attend for a face-to-face appointment.

The service offers the opportunity for service users who meet the qualifying criteria to access a weight management programme tailored to their needs including reasonable and additional support where appropriate.  

The Tier 3 service aims to encourage long term behaviour change by offering a programme which promotes physical activity and reduces sedentary behaviour; promotes healthy eating and supports the psychological barriers to unhealthy relationships with food; supports and recognises the relationship between mental health and obesity and offers a system throughout the programme which supports the psychological needs of everyone who attends.

Once a patient is referred to our face-to-face service, they are invited for an initial online Induction  which provides information regarding the programme and what to expect . If a patient accepts involvement in the programme, they attend for an initial assessment and information gathering appointment lasting 45 minutes. They will then attend appointments at least once a month for up-to 12 months. The clinicians will support the patient throughout their programme through a multidisciplinary approach. Individualised plans are made based on the patient’s bespoke needs. Sometimes patients will be referred or signposted to other specialist services either directly, or following correspondence, by their own GP practice. Examples include Broadly active groups, sleep apnoea assessment clinics, NCEDS, the wellbeing service or referral to Tier 4 services for bariatric surgery.

 At the point of discharge from the service the patient will receive the offer for continued support and weight measuring for a further 12 months to enable them to maintain the progress they have made during their engagement with the service. This will be through group drop-in clinics at WIN on a monthly basis. We also follow-up one year post discharge and re-engage with patients at that point around progress.  

We have an existing body of specialists delivering this service, and existing strong partnership relationships with the external providers with whom we work with.