Walk-in Centre

Norwich Walk-in Centre (WIC) located in Rouen Road, Norwich offers a range of health services to treat minor injuries and illnesses. No appointment is needed and it's open 7am - 9pm everyday. 

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The Walk-in Centre is delivered by OneNorwich Practices and is based at Rouen House which is in the City Centre, so it has easy transport links and on street parking. The service is open to the whole patient population not just restricted to Norwich.

The clinical model serves to offer extra care to patients who aren’t able to get an appointment at their own GP practice but have a minor illness ailment which needs to be seen that day. The Walk-in centre has both GPs and nurses working throughout the day and also offers telephone appointments if preferred.

We have had to overcome many challenges throughout the pandemic, one being the amount of patients that we can actually have sitting within the waiting room at any time. All patients that attend are now triaged at the door before being allowed in the building, any patients who are showing possible signs of Covid 19 are invited to take a LFT before being assessed by a clinician.

Extra security has also been put in place in the evenings from 5pm to 9pm, 7 days a week, this is to assist and help with the queuing at the front door.

The Walk-in Centre has provided 71,218 appointments over the last 12 months (2022), with an average waiting time of 25 minutes.