Pharmacies in Norwich

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The OneNorwich Practices pharmacy team has experienced a rapid growth and transformation over the last 18 months. Starting off with two clinical pharmacists for the whole PCN we soon saw the value in these roles and developed a structure to have one clinical pharmacist in each neighbourhood and an overarching senior clinical pharmacist leading the team. 

With further funding coming through the Additional Role Reimbursement scheme (ARR), we grew our workforce and recruited one pharmacy technician per neighbourhood (We have four neighbourhoods).

We were the first Primary Care Network (PCN) to introduce these roles into primary care and practices welcomed these new roles into their practices.

Given the success in embedding these roles into the PCN we conducted a further recruitment campaign and doubled our clinical pharmacist workforce to deploy two full-time pharmacists per neighbourhood.

These roles have been involved in multiple tasks such as supporting practice workforce resilience, conducting audits, completing several indicators of the Prescribing Quality Scheme, reducing the burden of medicines related tasks, reconciling discharge medications and developing the Structured Medication Review service. They have also played a key part in the Covid-19 vaccination programme.

Our future plans include doubling up our technician workforce to have two technicians per neighbourhood as well as creating a dedicated care home specialist pharmacy group formed by a clinical pharmacist and a pharmacy technician who will support care homes visits.

We aim to have this workforce fully trained in primary care as soon as possible to further support practices with the delivery of the DES contract.