Norwich Practices Health Centre

Norwich Practices Health Centre has recently undergone significant changes to the structure of the team and the services, which we hope will deliver an enhanced patient experience. Patient care is extremely important to us and we strive to positively reinforce this daily.

Not only does the Norwich Practice Health Centre (NPHC) provide healthcare for its registered patients, but it also coordinates the wider healthcare needs of Norfolk with the help of its managers. They oversee further individual services as well as support the team here at NPHC in the day-to-day treatment of patients.

Situated in the heart of Norwich we are well placed to provide primary care to those who need it most. This is delivered with an average of 489 GP appointments per week which is a large capacity of work carried out by the GPs and the supporting team.

Currently our clinician punctuality is at 96.81% meaning 96% of patients are seen within 30 minutes of arrival. When compared with the 9388 registered patients we currently have, it’s quite an achievement, but something we as a team are seeking to improve further still.

When last inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) we were pleased to receive an overall ‘Good’ rating which we hope to improve on as we move into the future and recover from the pandemic.
The Health Centre is striving to further increase patient quality of care and increase the size of its workforce in order to achieve this.

With this in mind, our team have remained focused and tenaciously pursue the needs required to make our Practice better in every way possible.

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