Integrated Population Model of Care (IP)

We will work with partners, drawing on best practice, to design and deliver a new model of multispecialty community provision in Norwich as a bedrock of a future integrated care system in Norfolk and Waveney.

We will work to develop our offer centred on key features of a future model; designing a mechanism to capture a population health dataset to inform strategic commissioning and operational delivery, developing integrated, extended multidisciplinary teams at practice and locality level to respond to planned and urgent care need, and promoting a shift in ethos from a reactive to proactive mode of care.

We will work with partners to build on early work to deliver differently, through projects such as NEAT and Community FICS to deliver a new model at scale.
General practice must serve as a foundation for any new model of care. Given this, our focus for service development will be first ‘Primary care transformation’, then ‘Extended primary care’ delivery and then development of an ‘Integrated population based model of care’.

Our service development work however will not be purely sequential; we will need to be flexible to participate actively in each aspect of development as the system requires and our maturity and capability grows.