Home Visiting Service

The primary focus for the Home Visiting Service (HVS) is to support practices and to improve the urgent care response for on the day home visit requests. 

The nurse HVS Service runs Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and GP HVS Monday to Sunday 10-4pm

The HVS team works collaboratively with the Norwich Escalation Avoidance Team (NEAT) which enables any onward referrals to be managed and co-ordinated in a timely manner. The team has expanded since inception and now has two full time Integrated Care Coordinators (ICCs) working across both services.

We have recently recruited and now have 6 experienced nurses working within the team. We have also expanded the service to include visits for long term condition management and LD checks.

The service has provided visits for 20,653 patients since April 2018, with 7195 visits over the last 12 months.

In April 2020, we were successful in gaining Covid-19 Response funding to expand the service to include GPs. The aim was to support the early discharge of clinically stable patients, mainly into care homes, and provide additional capacity for practices, during the early days of the pandemic. This element of the service has continued and the GPs will visit any appropriate patients who have been triaged and referred by their own practice.

To date, the GPHVS has provided 5280 visits with 2314 of these being in the last 12 months.

 We are in the process of developing and aligning the GP and Nurse Home Visiting Service with the Care Homes at Scale (CHAS) team.

Contact the Home Visiting service on 01603 679691