GP High Intensity User

Building on the expertise NCH&C has built with the high intensity user services supporting NNUH A&E, 111 and the East of England Ambulance Service, ONP has commissioned them to deliver a general practice high intensity user service to 7 practices in Reducing Inequalities Target Areas (RITA).

Running for an initial 12 month term from Q3 21/22, the programme will minimally support 50 frequent users of general practice. The service will offer intensive support to patients who have consented to take part. This will include understanding their health concerns and addressing the wider determinants of health, such as housing, finance, employment and relationships.

Patients will be supported by a health improvement practitioner who will take time to develop a deep understanding of that patients’ needs and support them to engage with the support they need to reduce their attendance in general practice. this might mean accompanying them to appointments of referring them to voluntary sector providers.

Historically, the service has significantly exceeded its minimum target of a 40% reduction in attendance at A&E and other services. It is widely anticipated that this success will be replicated in general practice. Assistance from ONP’s BI analyst will determine the level of success seen in this project and will help build a business case for an extended programme after the initial pilot term.