Digital innovation

OneNorwich Practices (ONP) is extending the Clarity TeamNet (Intranet) license for a further two years from December 2021. This will become an increasingly important tool in the way information is shared across the Primary Care Network (PCN? and to act as a repository as the workforce and work streams continue to diversify. More and more communications will continue to be migrated onto the intranet for staff to view.

ONP procured the services of a digital consultant who engaged with practices and the commissioners over a number of months. The final report was shared with practices in July 2021. A GP information technology lead has been appointed at ONP to start to operationalise PCN wide elements of the strategy and to support practices to evaluate their own needs and deliver local solutions.

ONP meet regularly with the CCG digital team to stay appraised of ICS wide and national developments to ensure the PCNs’ digital assets continue to improve in line with national guidance. The team has been instrumental in supporting the ICS in rolling out the new additional roles reimbursement scheme (ARRS) registration authority process, meaning a significant reduction administrative burden on individual practices. In addition to this, non-ARRS staff will soon be able to benefit from a similar system with support from ONP.

OneNorwich Practices continues to work closely with the ICS and Silicone Practice to embed further improvements in the functionality of FootFall (A web based platform used by practices). Version six of the software began rollout at the start of October 2021 following extensive testing and more updates are inbound to support smoother triage and a wider array of options for patients.

ONP postponed the Digital Forum (an opportunity for practices to discuss IT issues) during the global pandemic but is looking to reinstate these, offering practice staff support and training.