Covid-19 vaccinations

For up to date information on Covid-19, including vaccinations and testing please visit the Norfolk and Waveney Integrated Care System website

Following the great success of the COVID vaccination programme since its launch in December 2020, the Norwich Primary Care Network (PCN) signed up to deliver Phase 5 of the programme, which aims to deliver booster vaccinations of the enhanced bivalent vaccines to eligible cohorts including over 50s and younger patients at risk. OneNorwich Practices (ONP) now has a dedicated team that offers this service to the most vulnerable in Care Homes as well as housebound patients. Furthermore, larger clinics continue to be held in two locations across Norwich operating at the weekend to offer patients out-of-hours appointments making it more convenient to book.

We will be offering the two bivalent vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer to ensure the appropriate level of protection and will ensure all staff are trained up to deliver these new vaccines.

There have been new challenges this year (2022) in offering this service, with a reduced service fee and the expectation of returning to business as usual. However, we have a great group of vaccinators, pre-screeners, clinical supervisors, administrators and volunteers who have made these clinics possible by working collaboratively.

Over 10,000 slots were booked within a few days of the launch of Phase 5, and we continue to work on adding even more dates to meet the local demand.