Asthma in Schools

This 1-year project commenced on 6th September 2021. We have employed a full time asthma specialist nurse to perform respiratory clinics in schools in Norwich to address issues in diagnosing and managing symptoms of asthma in children through improved technique and adherence support. The aims of the service are to:

●      improve the overall wellbeing of the child and reduce risks of morbidity and even mortality.

●     to reduce unplanned GP / OOH and A&E attendances/admissions as a result of poorly managed asthma.

●     to reduce absence from school due to ill health.

●     to optimise efficient prescribing for asthma and related co-morbidities,

●     to reduce prescribing of antibiotics and oral steroids by up to 45% in asthmatic and non-asthmatic children alike by improving medication adherence and challenging diagnosis.

●     to reduce side effects associated with inhaled corticosteroid

●     to review comorbidities, e.g. rhinitis, eczema and any allergies.

The scope of the project includes any children prescribed a minimum of a Salbutamol (reliever inhaler) between the ages of 5-16 who attend school, with or without a diagnosis of asthma.

The specialist asthma nurse has so far engaged with head teachers from two schools in Earlham where there are known pockets of deprivation to try and capture those children and families with historically poor compliance. The schools have been very positive about the project and are keen to be involved.

The first clinics will be held in November where the annual asthma reviews will be carried out for these children. The specialist asthma nurse will provide education to these children and their families around the importance of attending annual reviews. She will also provide education to the staff in the schools on the management of children with asthma.