Additional Role Reimbursement Scheme

A Primary Care Network (PCN) is entitled to funding as part of the Network Contract DES to support the recruitment of new additional staff to deliver health services. Norwich PCN tasked OneNorwich Practices to host the roles.

The Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme (ARRs) is now fully embedded (2022) within Norwich Primary Care Network (PCN) and accounts for in excess of 100 staff supporting practices in the PCN. We have successfully recruited to nine distinct roles within the programme and have plans to increase this to include additional roles not previously utilised by the PCN.

Key successes this year have included rolling out the quality improvement team which is made up of care coordinators who support practices in a number of ways, including contacting patients to arrange long term condition reviews.

The PCN has also been piloting a GP High Intensity User Service and a health coaching programme delivered in partnership with local providers. Both of these projects have been successfully funded through ARRS.
With the anticipated increase in the ARRS budget in 2023/24, we hope not only to introduce further programmes of work to facilitate improved health outcomes for our population, but to also bolster existing, successful and effective programmes within the PCN.

Practices and Clinical Directors will be consulted on all future plans to ensure that they support the PCN in a way that offers value for money and provides excellence in patient care.

ARRS Funding

Norwich remains the only PCN in Norfolk and Waveney to have successfully utilised its maximum allocated ARRS budget at £3.8m in 22/23. We are confident this will be replicated in 23/24 with an increased budget of £5.2m. 

Now incorporates: 

Quality improvement team
Health coaching team 
High intensity user service