Lionwood Practice recognised for COVID-19 contribution

A Norwich GP Practice was formally recognised on 18th May 2022 for its outstanding contribution to the COVID-19 vaccination programme when Group Captain Stewart Blackburn MBE, DL RAF Ret’d ,made a presentation on behalf of the HM Lord-Lieutenant of Norfolk, Lady Dannatt MBE.

Lionwood Medical Practice located just off Kett’s Hill in the City has vaccinated almost 100k Norwich residents since the start of the global pandemic.

This extraordinary effort has been made possible by a total of 543 people, who have worked long hours and weekends, sometimes under very difficult circumstances and often putting themselves at risk at the height of the pandemic.

Lyn Bostan, Practice Business Manager and Partner at Lionwood added “To be recognised in this way really means a lot to our staff and volunteers. I’m very proud of all we have achieved and have nothing but admiration for everyone who has been involved. I think it’s also important to say how thankful we are to our patients who have been extremely supportive throughout this challenging period at our practice.”

Group Captain Blackburn explained the special importance of this plaque to Norfolk, he said “It represents a unique moment in time which should be remembered as such by acknowledging in particular the work of communities across the county which pulled together in the challenging times of the pandemic.

Below is a short video of the presentation.