OneNorwich Practices Board of Directors

The OneNorwich Practices Board of Directors as at November 2021 are: Sarah Ambrose (current Chair), James Foster, Dr Jeanine Smirl, Dr Kelly Markham, Dr Emily Raine, Michael Stonard, Colleen Humphrey 


Norwich PCN Executive Committee/Clinical Strategy Group

The PCN is lead by the Clinical Directors:

Dr Jeanine Smirl

Dr Nick Morton

Dr Saffana Rasul

Dr Jo Walsh

Dr Raija Blenk


OneNorwich Practices Senior Leadership Team

The Senior Leadership Team of OneNorwich Practices is comprised of:

Janka Rodziewicz (Chief Executive Officer)

Tracey Bullard (Head of Transformation)

Duncan Anderson-Brown (Head of Operations)

Yan Hardinge (Finance Manager) 
Dr Sabeena Foster (Clinical Lead for training and Development)
Zena Aldridge (Clinical Lead- Care home at scale and home visiting service)
Ashlyn Byrne (Head of People)

Norwich Practices Limited

OneNorwich Practices is the trading name of Norwich Practices Limited (Company number 06059636).