OneNorwich Practices Board of Directors

The OneNorwich Practices Board of Directors as at November 2021 are: Sarah Ambrose (current Chair), James Foster, Dr Jeanine Smirl, Dr Kelly Markham, Dr Emily Raine, Michael Stonard, Colleen Humphrey, Dan Mobbs

Dr Kelly Markham

Medical Director

Dr Emily Raine

Clinical Governance Director

Michael Stonard

Finance Director 

Clinical Directors

Norwich PCN Executive Committee/Clinical Strategy Group

The PCN is lead by the clinical directors (below) plus Dr Jeanine Smirl who also sits on the board.

Senior Leadership Team

The Senior Leadership Team of OneNorwich Practices is comprised of:
Janka Rodziewicz

Chief Executive

Ashlyn Byrne

Head of People

Anthony Kemp 

Head of Services

Jan Hardinge

Head of Services

Ian Galt

Finance Manager

Norwich Practices Limited

OneNorwich Practices is the trading name of Norwich Practices Limited (Company number 06059636).