Ian Galt 

I am Canadian, born in the great city of Montreal. My parents moved from there to the USA (Connecticut) way back in 1969 when I was 12. 

On leaving school I joined the US Air Force as a Canadian (this was during a period when the USA had just ended their participation in the Vietnam war) - there were many leaving the forces due to the way the war was conducted, which meant the door was open for Canadians (Allies) to join up. Needless to say, these were pretty crazy times!
I then ended up being stationed at RAF Upper Heyford in Oxfordshire on the 19th of July,1978. The base housed over 80 F111 Fighter Bombers - with every supersonic jet having nuclear capabilities.
My job was titled "Crew Chief" as I underwent training to become an aerospace technician. This was a very "hands-on-the-jets job" which I enjoyed immensely.
Anyways - I finished my tour in the US Air Force, went back to the USA, and then realised that I actually LOVED England. The British way of life, being at a much slower pace, had "grown" on me.

So, with a guitar and a suitcase in hand, after obtaining my British Citizenship by way of my Father being alive at that time and being born in Scotland, I boarded a plane back to this wonderful land in late 1979.
Now to be brief - I landed my first accountancy job in 1983 at Baxter Health Care in Thetford. (I worked several jobs prior to this).

I fell in love with this type of work partly because I was always good with numbers and partly because the firm had such good people to work with.

I qualified in the early 1990s and since then have had many accountancy roles, some in manufacturing and some in the public sector.

My last two roles, covering the past 10 years were for Unilever - Finance Manager for Colman's of Norwich (8 years until the site was closed), and Permastore as their senior cost accountant.